I ♥ NY

Upon leaving DC we flew back to NYC. Sadly our bags did not. I was pretty distraught to leave the airport without them. Now all my wordly possessions were flying somewhere else, courtesy of Delta. Luckily Delta did return our bags that night, having them delivered to our hotel, but it gave us a scare!

This was our second visit to NYC (read about the first visit here) and we wasted no time in seeing all the sights – Grand Central Station, the UN, Central Park, Chinatown, Little Italy, we saw it all! One of my very favourites was the Empire State Building. The view was spectacular, and we went up just before dusk and stayed up there to watch the sunset and then all the twinkly lights once it got dark. It was beautiful!

View from Empire State building at nightOne night, while having a romantic stroll and waiting to cross a road, we had a cuddle, possibly a kiss, as one might do on a romantic stroll. A line of police cars drove past and one said “get a room!” over a megaphone. So that was an unusual experience!!

We got up early to queue for the Conon O’Brien show and waited for ages, but the person in front of us was the last person to get in – typical! Feeling dejected, we went to the Late Show, thinking that there was no chance in hell that we’d get tickets. We had to be interviewed for it, presumably to check that we weren’t weirdos. Apparently we passed that test, as later that evening we got a phone call saying we’d got the tickets! We were over the moon as apparently it’s really difficult to get into that show, so much so that New Yorkers are limited in how often they can apply. Feel a teeny bit bad about that, but ah well, we got the tickets! We absolutely loved the show and Letterman was really funny! It was a wonderful end to our stay in New York.

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