Washington DC : Order in the House please?!

Can I start by saying that we did not warm to Washington DC at all. It’s possible that we failed to find the most exciting hub of the city and had we found it we would have had the time of our lives. But we did not. Here’s why we did not like it:-

  1. It rained
  2. I slipped over and hurt my foot
  3. We were informed by a policeman that the area of town that we were staying in wasn’t safe unless you carry a gun. We do not carry a gun.
  4. We missed our last train home
  5. There was a cockroach in our hotel room

On the plus side, we enjoyed the Air and Space Museum, the Supreme Court, and seeing the White House. We also went for a fab visit to the Capitol. We weren’t allowed in with food or drink, so we sat outside on the pavement like two skanks eating all our food. Then we went in. To an outsider, the House of Representatives looked chaotic – it was full of people standing around talking to each other, with the Speaker of the House speaking over them, inaudibly. A vote was taken but due to the noise levels in the room we couldn’t hear what the proposal was. It didn’t look very conducive to running a country to me, but what do I know?!

The Capitol, Washington DC

We spent most of our time around the Mall, which was impressive but MASSIVE! In one of my blonde moments, I came out with “panoramic photos are great – they give you a wider view!”. Genius!

Next blog: New York (again!)

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