San Francisco : Tantrums on a Tandem

We flew to San Francisco on Halloween, so the city was full of ghouls and witches when we arrived. Upon awaking the next morning I was alarmed to see a sign saying “This area contains chemicals known to the State of California to cause Cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm”. What the hell?! I was worried the hotel was built on the site of nuclear waste or similar, and was relieved when I found out it was “just” cigarettes. Which is probably the opposite effect to that which was intended!

We walked to the Embarcadero and along to Pier 39… home of the amazing Sea Lions. I have never seen Sea Lions before and I just thought they were wonderful!!

We tried clam chowder in a big bread roll, which was delicious but a bit rich by the end. I should have shared one. We saw Lombard Street which was cool, and went in one of the famous streetcars.

Sadly, one of the things I do recall about San Francisco was the number of homeless people on the streets. It seemed that there were more homeless people than homed people in some areas.

One day we hired a tandem bike and rode to the Golden Gate bridge. The bridge was cool, and it was a pleasant ride out there, but let me tell you – if you ever want a divorce, get a tandem. It was so difficult to ride, we ended up yelling at each other. “Stop!!” “Don’t stop in the middle of the road!!” “Why did you drive into a hedge?!” etc. Fun times. Next time I would definitely hire two very separate bikes.

We also saw our very first fight, in a food hall. Two female employees shouting “Bitch!!” and slapping each other. Maybe they’d just hired a tandem…

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5 thoughts on “San Francisco : Tantrums on a Tandem

  1. Hilarious bit about rental of a tandem leading directly to divorce… made the mistake of renting a tandem kayak once, and there was very nearly bloodshed. 🙂

  2. Hey There! Thanks so much for the recent like on my blog post! I love travel as well and San Francisco is one of my favorite cities:) One goal from each new place I visit is to go to a place off the tourist path, that typically only the locals go to, and spending some time immersed in that culture. I look forward to reading more of your posts and hope you will follow my blog!

    Mrs. B

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