Auckland – taking it easy down under

After several mammoth flights in quick succession, passing through many timezones (and losing a whole day!), on top of already feeling ill, I was practically unconscious when we reached Auckland. I was having painful stomach cramps so I spent the first day in bed.

For the next couple of days we took it easy, wandering around the town and looking at the shops. We wandered down to the harbourside one day which was pleasant. Another day we went up the Sky Tower and the views were awesome.

To be truthful however I was not really “feeling it” in Auckland. I didn’t really take to the city, I think partly because it was so small, considering it is one of the major cities in New Zealand. It also felt very similar to the UK, which felt bizarre, but that was quite nice as I was still feeling ill and the familiarity was comforting. Plus, just for peace of mind it was nice to be near a decent hospital, after so long in the middle of nowhere in Peru. We simply rested and slept.

After a few days we rented a car in readiness for our road trip, and that was good as we were able to explore parts of Auckland that we couldn’t have got to on foot – like the other side of the bridge, and Devonport. I really liked the suburbs – there were cute little houses with small white picket fences and roses, and small beaches nearby. We had brunch in a small cafe and enjoyed the peace and quiet!

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