Waitomo Caves – Road Trip, baby!

We were excited to leave Auckland as it marked the start of our road trip!! We were a little disappointed on the motorway out of Auckland as it looked just like England. I don’t know what we were expecting – a magical land, clearly, but it looked to us like Devon or Wales. However, the further south we went, the more dramatic the landscape became (and the more excited we got!).

We slept the night in a motel in Hamilton, which was pleasant enough but all I remember was it being like a ghost town. It was a Sunday so most things were closed, and there was no-one around. We found a road with motels both sides, and called on a few until we found one that suited our budget.

The next morning we bought a muffin with a flake in it, and then drove to the first stop on our little road trip – Waitomo Caves. These are, unsurprisingly, caves with stalactites and stalagmites. Then we went on a boat on an underground lake/river within the caves. After a while we were asked to look up. The roof of the cave was covered with a thousand glowworms, which looked like a starry sky. It was beautiful.

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