Rotorua – can you induce a geyser?

Rotorua was truly exciting, unusual, and bizarre! It is a hot spot for geothermal energy, so you’ve got the likes of Geysers, bubbling mud, steam rising from the ground, and some very bright coloured lakes, due to naturally occurring minerals. I love things like this!

We went to “Wai-O-Tapu”, which is a “geothermal wonderland” south of Rotorua. It is basically boardwalks around a park with various geothermal things to see. You do need to pay to go in here, but it was worth it. However, we also found various spots where you can see bubbling mud pools for free – the best was probably the public park, where there was even a blue mineral lake! There is a Geyser in a different geothermal park, but we could see it over the fence from the garden of our hotel! We were told that they induce the geyser by adding soap to make it erupt on demand – whether that is true I have no idea! Either way it was exciting to see a geyser!  We enjoyed our time in Rotorua and could have happily stayed longer.

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