Greymouth – why so grey?

Greymouth was a bit grey, I’m sorry to report. There wasn’t a lot to it, and it was a little sad and unexciting. There was enough in the way of amenities for the passing tourist, eg. supermarket, petrol station, McDonald’s, and a few shops and restaurants. But I felt that the town lacked any real character.

The number of photos that I take is normally a sign of how exciting a place is. At the Machu Picchu I took around 250. In Greymouth I took 1. Now it would be unfair to compare Greymouth to the Machu Picchu – not many places can compete with that, not least places whose names start with “Grey…”. But I’m just saying… 😉

Having said that, I’m sure that there are parts of Greymouth that we did not see. Who knows – maybe others would disagree with my negativity about this town…  And I can say that Greymouth was an excellent overnight stop-over town for those en route to South New Zealand. We set off the next morning for Franz Joseph, the famous glacier, buzzing with anticipation!!

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