Salzburg in the Snow

We were lucky enough to experience Salzburg, a beautiful romantic city at the best of times, covered in snow. For us Brits, unused to snow, this added a certain excitement to the proceedings! Salzburg was all domes and spires, castles on hills, horse drawn carriages and little chocolate balls filled with yummy marzipan! It was also freakin cold.

Partly to warm up, we decided some vigorous exercise was in order, so we climbed the two hills each side of the town. We were rewarded with some lovely views and the feeling that we had stepped into Narnia (lots of snow-covered trees and old fashioned lampposts).

We looked around the town, exploring all the little allyways, the market and the churches. There were several parks that we found with lovely statues, also covered in snow. The main shopping street has ornate wrought-iron signs, and Mozart’s birthplace is located here, just up from McDonalds.

We also decided to explore some of the ski resorts near to Salzberg, which are accessible (just about!) by public transport. More about that in the next blog.

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