Poorly in Prague

Yup, I was poorly in Prague. I had worked myself into the ground before I went to Prague so I got ill. Unfortunately that slowed us down as I spent a lot of time lying in the hotel room with my feet on the radiator (so comfy!). But we made the best of it, bought lots of tissues, and did manage to see Prague bit by bit, and by the end of the week I was back to normal.

My favourite part was the famous Charles Bridge with the view of the Castle on the hill.

However pretty much all of Prague is so beautiful and picturesque that everywhere you look could be a film set. Unfortunately about ten billion tourists share my opinion, and it is  extremely popular – ie. crowded! We went in early May and the temperature was lovely – warm and sunny but not so hot you wish you were in England 😉

We explored the main square, which contains a pretty astronomical clock which I understand is the oldest one in the world that still works. Crowds gather to see it chime every hour, and it is definitely worth coming to see the little wooden figures move! The main square contains yet more beautiful architecture 🙂 Sadly several English “stag do”s had made their way to Prague, and were determined to let everyone know that they had arrived. There are several bars around the main square that cater for this, so I guess it is inevitable.

Prague Main SquarePrague ClockThere are countless little streets in which to wander, each one with lovely architecture. We walked out to the Jewish quarter one day, and headed up to the castle on the hill another day. It is worth allocating at least a day to explore the castle and the surrounding areas. We stopped in an ornate garden on the way to the castle and spent a while watching some peacocks, who obliged by putting their tails in the air to show their stunning feathers – the first time I have ever seen a peacock’s tail!

Prague - Road to CastleIt is possible to rent a pedalo boat, and we enjoyed this (my boyfriend especially so, as he spent most of the time teasing me that there was a crocodile behind me 😦 ). You can’t go under the Charles Bridge due to a series of weirs, but it is very pleasant to peddle around the river enjoying the views. I would recommend this, but as I recall you need to give passports as a deposit, which not everyone would be happy with. In fact it’s not advisable to hand your passport over to anyone, so I’m not really sure why we did… I guess we really wanted the pedalo!

We discovered Bageterie Boulevard which was an inexpensive baguette restaurant. If you imagine McDonalds but without the burgers and with baguettes instead. The baguettes were nice, and came with potato wedges and a soft drink. It was perfect for us as we were on a budget, so we had brunch here almost every day and tried most of the varieties of baguette during our stay. I was relieved to find this place, as before we came to Prague a travel agent told us that it was mega-expensive and a meal for two would cost around £50 per person. We were shocked at that, and a bit worried, since that is not our usual budget 😉 However, I can confirm that there are meals to suit all budgets. Sure if you want a white-tablecloth restaurant with an extensive wine menu overlooking the Charles Bridge, you will pay accordingly. But it is possible to eat there on a budget, by choosing less expensive restaurants and eating at places like this baguette restaurant.

Overall, Prague definitely lives up to its reputation as a beautiful and cultural destination.

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