Snow stops play at the Grand Canyon!

After going to bed in flip flops, we were surprised to wake up and find snow! Being a genius, I got in the car and decided the best way to clear the window of snow was to roll the window down… I did not think that through! The window was indeed cleared but I had a snow all over myself for the rest of the morning.

After panic-buying an extra layer of clothing from Walmart, we headed towards the Grand Canyon, excited! We have been to the West rim of the Grand Canyon before but not the South rim, which is meant to offer the most spectacular view of the Canyon. The snow was falling but drive-able so we decided to go for it.

Road to Grand CanyonUnfortunately after a while the snow was getting thicker and thicker on the road and the car kept started skidding, which distressed me. I pulled over, hoping I wouldn’t go off the edge of the road, and feeling sheepish as my “cautious” Marge-Simpson-esque driving had caused a tail of traffic to build up behind me. But many of those cars turned around too, which made me feel better, and I wished I’d turned back earlier!

We recuperated in Mcdonalds and took advantage of their Wifi to look at our route. We decided to press on with our route and try to curl back to the very start of the Grand Canyon. Which is what we did. It wasn’t the Grand Canyon proper – more like the Grand Canyon’s Little Brother. It was still special to see and we got some photos.

Grand Canyon ish 1Grand Canyon ish 2We also met some people who had come from the Grand Canyon south rim, and they told us that the snow was bad and cars were skidding and crashing into each other. So that removed any doubt that we had made the right decision to abort our trip.

After that we drove on to Tuba City and met the friendliest guy in the world working in Subway. We had a chilled night, had a stroll with some stray dogs and then got an early night before our early start.

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