Monument Valley : Are we there yet?!

Before we went on this trip, my BF’s boss was asking me about our plans. “Will you see Monument Valley at dawn?” he asked. “Oh yes” I said confidently “we surely will!”.  Did we? Hell no! Reality intervened – we struggle to get up for check-out, let alone dawn. Humph. However we did get there, which is the main thing, right?!

On the road going into Monument Valley we passed a few large natural sculptures of red rock. We kept stopping the car for photos; the conversation reflecting our natural intelligence…

“So is this Monument Valley or just some rocks?”

” I dunno. We better take a photo just in case”.

Red rock sculpturesWe needn’t have worried – we knew Monument Valley when we saw it. We parked the car and ate our sandwiches, taking in the view. We watched a yellow school bus wend its way through the national park. What a cool commute – imagine going through Monument Valley every day on the way to school! 🙂

Monument Valley RoadIt was frickin’ freezing so in order to get out of the car I had to put on several jumpers, a raincoat, scarf, hat and sunglasses, so I resembled a french spy by the time I ventured out of my vehicle. I don’t know if France even has any spies, but if they do, I think they would definitely be sporting my beret and sunglasses combo.

Monument Valley Panorama

Monument ValleyThe national park was pretty awe-inspiring, and just vast. After several stops for photo opportunities we drove past the large red monuments and got the classic “Forrest Gump” view, looking back on the shadowy sculptures. God knows how he ran through this vast landscape – it was far enough in the car. I suppose it was fictional (as are most of my long runs).

Monument Valley - Forrest Gump viewOverall, Monument Valley…. What can I say? An amazing, All-American experience. Great road-trip material.

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2 thoughts on “Monument Valley : Are we there yet?!

  1. We’ll stop here on return from our cross-country trek, and will remember this post as we take in the sights! I’ve been there before, and look forward to a return as we pass through in October.

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