Road Trippin’… Middle of Nowhere, Utah

After marveling at Monument Valley we drove North, heads whipping back and forth like spectators at a tennis match, admiring the scenery, left, right and centre.  One of the more immense views was over the Valley of the Gods; another incredible landscape!

Valley of the GodsAs we drove on, the sheer vastness of the place became apparent. As far as the eye could see in all directions was just plains. I felt like I was in the Lion King and someone was going to pop up and start singing “Uh Wimba Way, Uh Wimba Way etc”. It seemed incomprehensible that this could carry on over the horizon, but sure enough, we would get over the brow of a hill and see plain upon plain stretching out into the distance. That carried on for several hours!

Plains near Monument ValleyIn the course of our travels we came across a tiny place called Mexican Hat. My BF thought it was such a funny name that it warranted a photo with the sign. Attempts were made but we were chased away by barking dogs – we weren’t gonna argue with them! The residents of Mexican Hat probably plant them there to chase off tourists. Luckily we managed to stop near The Hat itself (would it be a Sombero?) for this photo.

Mexican HatAfter several more hours of driving through the delights of Utah, we saw this gem (another unusual rock formation):

Funny Rock, UtahThen of course the icing on the cake of any good road trip day …. an incredible sunset as we drove into Moab. No photos sadly, as I was driving and my BF was probably asleep or busy pretending to look at the map “navigating”.

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