Skiing near SLC : Alta, Beta, Cookie!

So… here we are – my third skiing blog. Following my Austrian skiing and French skiing attempts, I confirm that I have not improved. I’m still terrible and my bottom still has a fatal attraction to the ground.

We started the day gently with a walk in the snow (no skis involved) to take in the beautiful scenery of Alta, Utah. The crisp air, sunny blue skies and beautiful mountains conspired to create a very pleasant stroll indeed. Just when I thought this might be for me after all, I saw an infant ski class follow each other off a cliff one by one like lemmings (they were unhurt and delighted, I should add. I was not.)

Alta ski resort, near SLCWe hadn’t packed full ski gear for this trip obviously, so it was just a matter of wearing normal trousers and a waterproof coat and hoping you didn’t fall over.  That also made me more timid, as I didn’t have the extra padding and waterproofing of proper ski trousers to protect my poor bottom.

Ski hire was much cheaper than we are used to in Europe – around £10 for half a day’s hire. There was a free rope drag lift and a baby slope which was too flat to be useful.  The snow was definitely a different consistency to Europe as well – it felt much more sticky – probably more powdery. So I was expecting to go a lot faster than I actually went. I went on the flat slope and then tried to get on the rope-lift half-way up. But my arms were too weak gloves wouldn’t grip the rope and I couldn’t catch the lift. So I ended up making the long walk back up the slope on my skis, along with a chubby kid who also couldn’t get the lift. Humph.

Rope Drag Lift @ AltaAlta in snowAfter that I was fed up, the weather changed, the snow came in, which in fully ski gear is fine but without you tend to get a tad wet and cold. So I took the only sensible option – I retired to the cafe to eat a giant cookie and people-watch. My boyfriend on the other hand was in his element and took advantage of the best thing ever – free ski lifts after 3pm! I watched him whizzing past the window every so often.

The ski bus was a good service, from the centre of town straight to the resort for around $7-8 return. On the way back it was packed however, with many people standing and predictably, not being able to look out of the window, I felt sick by the end.

I’d highly recommend you to explore the ski areas around SLC, even for a day trip, if you’re in the area and that way inclined. Even though I’m terrible at skiing it was nice for a day to get up into the mountains for some crisp fresh air.  NB: Some of the ski areas are old-fashioned and will not allow snowboarders!

Therefore it is with regret that I would like to announce my retirement from Skiing. I have given it a good go, but it is not for me. However, look out for me falling on my bottom with a Snowboard strapped to my feet, for that is my new winter sport of choice! 🙂

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