Home Again, Home Again, Jiggedy Jig

After Dubai it was back to normal life. This often comes as a crushing disappointment, but luckily we had a family wedding to look forward to, and to be honest it was nice to be home and have some chilling time after gallivanting around the world.

Countryside, EnglandAfter most summer holidays as a kid, I would go back to school and find that I’d forgotten how to hold a pen pencil (we weren’t allowed pens!). So I was expecting the same thing here – to go to work and be like “what do I do?”. I was surprised to find that I went straight back to it like a duck to water. Apart from the fact that I hated it, but that’s a small point… đŸ˜‰

So what next? We decided to look at the UK more. I spent many childhood holidays (well, all until I was about 12) in the UK and while I have fond memories of those halcyon days, once my parents took me to France I never looked back! Now, I love being abroad and exploring other cultures, and seeing some sunshine ain’t bad either! But finding ourselves back in the UK, we explored it bit by bit – mainly cities as we don’t have a car. Here are some of our adventures, starting in…. London! (where else?!)

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