An early morning tour of Birmingham AL

The plan was to spend the evening in Birmingham AL, but we ended up getting there in the early hours of the morning and as they say on How I Met Your Mother, “nothing good happens after 2am”. So to bed we went. But the next morning when we finally got to look around Birmingham AL, we really liked it!

Birmingham ALWhen we arrived in Birmingham AL it was a crisp fresh morning and the trees were turning a beautiful colour. It was however a ghosttown. Not a soul was awake at 8am on a Sunday morning (and who can blame them!).  We cruised through the city centre and the University, and then headed to Five Points – an area which we had been advised to go to.

And sure enough, there was life! Or, more specifically, there was the whole town packed into a pancake restaurant, with groups of people spilling out onto the pavement. We wished we had time to eat there, as it was clearly THE place to brunch, but we had many miles to cover before our flight.

Nearby there was a charming fountain and an ornate church, and the whole area was really lovely.

Birmingham AL 2

Mindful of our time schedule, we drove up to see the Vulcan statue which presides over the city, and the views from the top of this hill. From here the city looked similar to Birmingham UK, and that is perhaps why the city council in the latter apparently made a massive cock-up a few years ago, by printing the skyline of Birmingham AL on leaflets issued to residents, instead of Birmingham UK!! 🙂

Vulcan Statue, Bham AL

We then said our goodbyes to Birmingham AL, driving past a replica of the Statue of Liberty on our way out of the city. Destination…  Atlanta airport!

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