My First Water Park : Wet n Wild, Orlando

Wet n Wild is a big waterpark on International Drive, Orlando, and has the pleasure of being My First Waterpark! The first thing to say about Wet n Wild is that it is mercifully not themed, so came as a refreshing change to me. Finally I could go down a slide without pretending to be Harry Potter or one of the Simpsons.

Wet n WildBefore we went I was terrified of the covered slides, or tubes, as I thought my bum would get stuck in them and I’d be wedged in. But I’m pleased to report that they are bigger than they look! In fact I preferred the covered slides and was scared by the open slides as I thought we were going to go over the edge on the corners!

My very first water slide on a “doughnut” (a large inflatable ring, not the edible kind) was Blast. This was great fun, but annoyingly you are Blasted with jets of water on the way down. Slightly irritating but not enough to ruin it. Bubba Tub was great fun also, and probably my fave slide (the large bumpy slide in the photo above) – every time you go down the steep bit it makes you scream, but in a fun way!

The craziest slide was The Storm. If you’ve ever had an insect in your shower and washed it down the drain… well this is an opportunity to be the Insect. Although unlike the insect, you end up in a pool below the drain and re-surface. It was not an opportunity I took up. I thought I would be too disorientated when I was chucked into the pool below. Luckily, if you do get disorientated there is a lifeguard there standing in the pool ready to fish you out, which I thought was good and very necessary.

Wet n Wild 2

Black Hole was also scary to me and I screamed profanities most of the way down, and then felt really bad when there was a lady standing at the bottom and must have heard! Disco H2O was good until the middle bit where your doughnut spins round a whirlpool playing disco music so you can have a boogie on your way down. Our doughnut got a bit stuck so of course I panicked, with visions of them sending firemen down after us/ cutting us out of the slide etc. Needless to say, that didn’t happen – it dislodged and we carried on down the slide.

My BF, ever keen to experience every corner of a theme park, went to the kids section and asked the lifeguard if he was allowed to go down the kids slide. She stared at him like he was a total moron, but said “ummm, yeah?”. I can’t take him anywhere!

And of course the park is set around the main pool – with the wave machine on sporadically. I enjoyed swimming in this and bobbing on the waves.  We were lucky to have no queues – we had to wait a sum total of about 1 minute all day. I guess the queues are a lot longer in summer / school holidays!

At lunchtime we had a pizza and coke each from the cafe in the park. This was $19 (around £12) for both of us which wasn’t too bad and tasted surprisingly good. Maybe it’s that phenomenon where after swimming you are ravenous and food tastes great!

I can’t fail to mention that you have to PAY for lockers – a hefty $14 ($3 of which is a refundable deposit). I do not like places that make you pay for lockers. When I was a kid it was 20p for a locker at my swimming baths, and that was entirely refundable!! I think this is just one of the “additional extras” you are charged for in Orlando. Don’t even get me started on the price of Parking at all these theme parks!

Also, how small are the womens’ changing rooms?!  They have about 5 toilets and showers and a bench area about 2 metres long. It was smaller than the swimming baths in my home town, so I couldn’t believe I was in one of the world’s top tourist attractions! Of course, as it turned out I was one of about 3 people in there so it was fine, and my BF said the Men’s changing rooms were massive.

We had to come to Wet n Wild after our unsuccessful attempt to visit Wet n Wild on our last trip, and I feel we have now done this park. So what is the verdict? I was a bit self-conscious in my swimming costume so I wasn’t thrilled to go round half-naked all day. That is probably my fault for not shedding half my body weight before I went. But that was the only downside for me – overall I really enjoyed this and it was my favourite theme park!! 🙂 The rides were actually fun and it wasn’t too themed. Thumbs Up!

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