Wild dolphins on beautiful Honeymoon Island

Honeymoon Island is aptly named – it is the perfect destination to get-away-from-it-all. Not really an island, it is really a peninsular, just north of Clearwater, Florida.

BeachHoneymoon Island has unspolit sand, and we almost had the place to ourselves. I was standing with the clear waves lapping at my feet, feeling content, when things got even better… I saw a Dolphin! From the shore! I was so excited!!

DolphinsIt wasn’t long until I saw another.. and another! And eventually they leapt out of the water! My BF was startled when I started jumping up and down and shrieking. Despite my uncool reaction (which was involuntary I should add!) it was an absolutely sublime experience. Nothing compares to the thrill I feel when I see a big animal like that in the wild – which I felt so absolutely lucky to see at all.

And while we have seen dolphins jumping before, that was stimulated by the wake of our boat. This was the dolphin jumping by itself! 🙂 Unfortunately I wasn’t able to get decent photos, but sometimes it’s nice to enjoy the moment and not be fixated on the camera.

After that I was obsessed. I couldn’t take my eyes off the sea, watching the black fins piercing the surface.

Beach approachAfter a while we decided to move a beach along, in case we got an even better view. We hurried up to the next beach on Honeymoon Island. This was more wild, with driftwood and a lagoon inland with heron and cranes pacing up and down in the shallows.

We stayed on the beach strolling up and down and paddling until the sun said goodbye.

Beach sunset What a wonderful day. I didn’t want to leave!

Travel Tips:

  • Honeymoon Island is a State Park so there is a fee of $8 per car charged for cars to access the island.
  • You would need a car to access this with ease.

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