Dropping my shoe off a Chairlift in Sentosa

Sentosa is a small island just south of Singapore, known for its theme parks and beaches. We visited for a day trip whilst in Singapore.

Sunset, Sentosa

We had the best time on the luge there. You get a chairlift up the mountain and ride a small luge race car thing down. It was really fun – fast enough to be exhilarating but not so fast that you thought you were going to die! In fact, far from being the “Grandma” of the race track, as my BF would taunt me, my main problem was other people being in the way and having to overtake them!

This was the scene for probably one of the stupidest moments of my life. I solemnly warned my BF to be careful not to drop his shoes off the chairlift, and then literally 1 second later dropped my own flip flop! 😦 In my defence, a flying insect flew nearby and made me freak out and … plus there was no foot bar, so….  anyway.. I dropped my flip flop.

So like an idiot, I had to do my first go on the luge with 1 shoe on, and then speak to the lady at the bottom. Luckily, it wasn’t too far from the start so she was able to get it for me. Thank God, otherwise I’d have had to hop around for the rest of the day!

View from Chairlift

There are various ways to part with your money things to do on Sentosa. Many of them involve payment, such as Universal Studios theme park, Indoor Skydiving, Flowrider, Cinemas, etc. We wanted to do free stuff, so after the luge we simply had a stroll along the beach.

The beaches were white sand and seemed clean, but I’m not sure if I would swim there – it is a bit off-putting them you think how close to a major international shipping lane you are. More so when you look out to sea and see hundreds of tankers and container ships lining up ready to come into port.

Beach, Sentosa

A specific point of Sentosa is apparently the southernmost point of continental Asia, so we made the obligatory trip there (it is walking distance to the Sentosa Express train, but there are also free shuttle buses that go along the beach). There is a cute narrow rope bridge from the beach to the island, which sways as people walk or jump along it!  It was nice to watch the sun set there.

Sign, Sentosa

Travel Tips

  • To get to Sentosa from Singapore, take the MRT (train) to Harbourfront ($3.40). Then take the Sentosa Express to Sentosa Island ($8).
  • You can buy luge tickets in sets of 3 or more times. In our experience, 3 times is enough. Don’t get me wrong, it was awesome, but you can defo have a great time with 3 goes. Save your money and spend the difference on an ice cream or whatever.
  • There is a free shuttle bus that runs along Sentosa beach, but it is often crowded. Don’t stress though – it is walk-able, and is a nice walk if you paddle along in the shallows on the beach.

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