Paradise Found in Ko Samui

Ko Samui, a small island on the east of Thailand, was my first “beachy” holiday ever in my life. We designed this as a relaxing break between visiting Singapore and Bangkok. It was pure relaxation and just wonderful.

Beach, Ko Samui 1

We had the best of both worlds, with the beach on one side and the town on the other side. The town was a thin strip of touristy shops, restaurants, and travel agents, plus a rather grand shopping mall and a couple of night markets.

Ko Samui

The town felt safe and it was nice to wander around at night. One night, while perusing bracelets at a night market, a cute toddler came up to me and tried to hide under my skirt (I was wearing a long floor length dress). His dad told him not to, but he kept trying, much to everyone’s amusement! 🙂

Night Markets

I noticed that the telegraph poles were rather full of wires!

Phone wires

We celebrated my BF’s birthday there, and there happened to be a Muay Thai match? game? incident?  fight that night, so we got tickets. And it was awesome! We had a fab time – the atmosphere was electric! There were lots of tourists there, admittedly, with a small section marked “Thais Only”, but even that didn’t seem to diminish it. The crowd were generous with their applause, clapping the loser as well, which was nice. (See my Bangkok blog for a comparison with the Muay Thai match we saw there, which wasn’t as good!) We had only planned to see Muay Thai at the national stadium in Bangkok so this was a bonus and we were so glad that we had gone to this!

Muay Thai Boxing

We sat by the pool and strolled along the beach. I didn’t swim as there was a red flag up, which as far as I know is the international symbol for “Danger – No Swimming”. My BF on the other hand…. (you can see where this is going!) decided he wanted to try flyboarding. Which probably means I have to attempt to explain what that is. It’s where you attach a board to your feet, which has a jet of water coming out of it so you can stand on the water surface or even fly above the water. If you look closely at the following photo you can see this in action. (Price = 2200 Thai Bart – ie. around £40)


Beach, Ko Samui 2

We got International TV there, and one night before bed we watched some American TV. I have to share a couple of gems:-

  • A basketball commentator, midway through the game, said, of a player,  “He’s grown a really nice moustache this season” ?!!
  • A food expert said “whether this is from America or some country-ass place in France…”  ha ha!

Overall we love love loved our short trip to Ko Samui! I’ll do a separate blog about the food but suffice to say I developed an addiction for a certain type of curry and my life has not been the same since! 🙂 Ko Samui was a beautiful relaxing break and I would highly recommend if you get the chance to go.

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6 thoughts on “Paradise Found in Ko Samui

  1. Yea, I had been to Ko Samui but it see to change so much. it is a long time since I have visit this place which did not attract a lot of tourists to visit this place. Thanks for sharing and have a wonderful Sunday.

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