Animals at Chatachuk Weekend Market

The Chatuchuk Weekend Market is an assault on the senses. It sells everything from T-shirts to crockery;  jewellery to pets.

Chatachuk 1

The market is in north of Bangkok, and is held on weekends. Apparently it covers almost 30 acres, which gives you an idea of how vast this market really is.Chatachuk 2

We found the controversial animal section which is a big pet shop with the expected animals such as cats, dogs, fish and parrots but there were also more unusual exotic animals like monkeys, squirrels, a massive iguana, tarantula and a TOUCAN!!  There were delicately phrased signs telling us not to touch which someone had obviously put a lot of thought into.

Chatachuk 4

We enjoyed snacks like garlic bread, and chocolate toast, and a smoothie. There were loads of stalls selling all types of foods but as we had a long-haul flight the next day I didn’t want to eat any spicy street food for fear of my tummy getting ill!

Overall it was interesting and we picked up a couple of t-shirts and a pashmina pretty cheaply. It is well worth a trip up there if you have a spare morning or afternoon on a weekend.

Travel Tips

  • To get to Chatuchuk Weekend Market, take the Metro to Mo Chit. This is fine, but we went 1 further and at Mo Chit we changed to the blue line and went 1 stop to Kamphaeng Phet, which brings you out at the bottom left corner of the market. We exited at the top right corner to Mo Chit, having walked between the stops.
  • There is a clock tower in the middle of the market which you can use as a meeting point or help to orientate yourself if lost! There is also a bench / wall on the base of the lock tower so you can have a rest – there is pretty much nowhere else to sit in the market except if you buy something in a cafe.

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