My Top 5… Food

With a big wide world out there with so much yummy food in it, it’s difficult to narrow it down to 5, plus there’s so much more to try in the future! But here’s my attempt at my Top 5 foods from around the world… so far!

Five:  BBQ, Memphis, USA

This was succulent, spicy, flavoursome and delicious! We tried ribs, pulled pork, the lot. Yum!

Four:   Bread and Cheese, France

The simplicity of this makes it great. Stop at any fromagerie (or a supermarket) in France and pick up a Camembert which squidges just the right amount, and pick up a beautiful fresh baguette from a boulangerie. If you are in the mood for gourmet you could make a side salad, but no matter; the bread and cheese alone are enough for a slap-up meal. Cheap, readily available, and beautiful. That’s why I love it.

Three:  Sushi, Hong Kong

We had beautiful, juicy, fat sushi in Hong Kong. It was nothing fancy, but it was fresh and gorgeous (the Sushi we had in Japan was – ahem – interesting but would not make the top 5 list!).

Two:  Pizza, Italy

Surprise surprise… Pizza in Italy?! Surely not! My favourite one was in a tiny back-street pizza place in Trieste. Topped with truffle and cheese with a beautifully cooked base, it was just delightful. Sadly you can get less good attempts at pizza in Italy, like the one I had in Venice.

One:   Massaman Curry, Thailand. 

Never have I ever been so addicted to a food. I was literally obsessed with where my next fix was coming from. The spice levels were just right; so flavoursome but without starting a fire in your mouth / causing injury etc. Amazing curry.

I am writing this late at night, which was a big mistake. I’m now practically salivating at the thought of all these foods! 🙂  And there’s so many others I could mention… Cerviche in Peru,  Tapas in Spain, Fondu in France.  But who knows… maybe in years to come I will find other dishes which top these….

Are there any others I should try? Leave a comment if you have any recommendations!

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