A Spritz of Spanish Sunshine in Malaga

I’ve never been on a “Winter Sun” holiday before. We normally go for “Winter Snow” holidays, more commonly known as Skiing holidays. But after a series of disasters in the skiing department (here, here, and here) I went on strike and point blank refused to go skiing. So we had a cheeky break in the South of Spain instead.


My preconceptions of Malaga were mainly as a typical “Costa Del Sol” town, all “Brits abroad”, which was not what we wanted. Each to their own, but for us, we don’t go abroad to visit an English pub – we can do that at home! So I was delighted to find that Malaga wasn’t at all like my preconceptions, but was in fact a small but perfectly formed Spanish town. It was a gem.

Malaga has an old town with atmospheric alleys filled with small shops and restaurants – a great place to sit and sample some Tapas.

Wandering down a pleasant boardwalk along the harbour, you come to a lovely marina lined with restaurants and more shops. It was a lovely place to watch the sun set! There was even a Christmas market illuminated in the dark evening, selling Christmas trinkets and decorations, meats and cheeses.


If you walk up this marina, you will come to the beach!

Scooters at the beach

We hired electric scooters (on my BF’s insistence to fulfill his latest crazy plan). This was difficult at first, and I promptly rode into a lamppost, much to my BF’s amusement. However, once I got the hang of it, it was a great thing as we could cover much more distance than on foot. We were able to ride along the beach much further, and we discovered an outdoor gym on the beach which was fun to play on!

We also made it up to the Amphitheatre and then up to the Castle on the hill, called the Alcazaba. The Alcazaba was beautiful – every corner you turned there was another quaint scene with fountains, rose gardens, and views over the sea.


We only had a couple of days in Malaga, but that was the perfect amount for a beautiful mini break. We spent the evenings enjoying the atmosphere on the streets – it seemed like everyone had turned out to see the Christmas lights! And we indulged with wonderful Tapas – yum yum! 🙂


It is a bit sad to admit, but one of my fave things about Malaga was how easy it was to get there. From the airport there is a direct train into town which takes about 10 minutes. As Malaga was quite small, it was only a 10 minute walk to our hotel, so about 30 mins after landing we were in the hotel … bliss!! 🙂


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