Food in Lithuania : For the Love of Mushrooms

Food in Kaunas was as you’d expect given the inclement weather conditions; warming, filling, comfort food. With an emphasis on Mushrooms.

I was in heaven, since mushrooms are my second favourite vegetable (onions being my fave). There was a lot of cheese, mushroom, and yummy pancakes.

We had breakfast in a cafe and I had mushroom pancakes and a capuccino every day. It was delicious. We quickly realised that the prices were surprisingly reasonable so my BF went mental when he realised he was allowed to order a soup or an extra drink etc. We don’t normally order starters or desert but here we were like “how about a cocktail after dinner?”. It was awesome!

Most of the dishes we tried were dumplings or pancakes, alongside warming soups and goulash, and the odd salad to feel healthy 🙂 The deserts were also yummy – we tried pizza dough with chocolate and ice cream.

There were also several restaurants selling international food, such as Pizzas etc. I do love a good pizza, but “when in Rome….” and when in Lithuania, nothing will top the Lithuanian mushroom pancakes for me… I have even tried to recreate them at home, as a savoury dish on pancake day 🙂

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