Getting away from it all in Fiesch, Switzerland

I love geography. Or rather, extreme geological features. So when possible I like to weave these into our travels. We have visited a volcano in Japan, and a Glacier in New Zealand.  So for this holiday I was perusing for my next glacier. I looked at the likes of Chile and Canada, but why go so far when we have beautiful glaciers on our doorstep in Europe? So this is why we ended up in Fiesch, Switzerland.

Fiesch 2

Fiesch is a small quaint village in South Switzerland, near the Italian border. It is picture perfect, set in the greenest meadows being grazed by bell-clad cows. Fiesch is mainly made up of chalets, hotels, and a handful of shops and restaurants. It is also near to the Aletsch Glacier.

Fiesch 4

Fiesch 1

It is a serene place, and perfect to get away from it all, watch the sun set over the mountains and curl up in a cute wooden booth enjoying fondue. There are a few restaurants and a couple of shops but it is a small village so by definition there isn’t much in the way of amenities. It is however connected by a train line that connects to all the main cities (Zurich, Bern, Brig, etc) which we found very handy – no cars needed!

Fiesch 3

Fiesch 5

Although we enjoyed the clean mountain air and the calmness of Fiesch in its own right, the whole plan for coming to Fiesch revolved around our visit to the Aletsch Glacier. So imagine our horror when we found out that the gondola was closed!! They could have put it online!! I was just gutted… we had come all the way from England to see the glacier!  So we hatched a plan to get the train a few stops down the line to Betten Talstation as there is a cable car that goes up from there. See what happens in the next blog!

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