Brig it On! Switzerland

We weren’t planning to go to Brig, but to be truthful, there wasn’t much to do in Fiesch and we had obviously failed to see the glacier 🙂 so we decided to go to Brig for a little day-trip and have a look round.

Brig 4

The guidebook said Brig was a pleasant place worth spending a little time in, and I would agree! We enjoyed strolling round the cobbled streets, admiring the brightly painted buildings.

Brig 5

We then lingered over a long lunch in the main square, people watching, and then had a stroll up to Stockalper Castle (Stockalperschloss) which was really stunning, with sun shining off the balls on the top of the castle towers.

Brig 3

Brig 2

Brig 1

Brig is on the train line so if you are visiting the surrounding towns like Zermatt or Fiesch, it is worth a stop off if you have a spare few hours. It is a short 5 minute stroll into the centre of town from the train station, and you can get a good flavour of the place in an hour or two.

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