What’s the Story Morning Glory?

We power-walked down to Morning Glory Pool in between waiting for Grand Geyser, and it was worth the walk!

Morning Glory Pool

This is possibly the most beautiful feature in the whole park. It gets its colour from bacteria which love heat, but different bacteria like different temperatures, so you can tell the temperature of the water from the colour of the bacteria that grows there. I mean, obv I can’t tell, but if you knew what you were doing, you could tell.

The information boards in Yellowstone National Park explained lots of the scientific detail. For example, the fact that this bacteria exists in a place where we previously thought life couldn’t exist, opens up the possibility that there could be life on other planets. How amazing is that!

Apparently people illegally throw lots of crap in there so they have to clean it out each year, which is expensive and damaging.

I loved the Morning Glory Pool and it is certainly worth the walk down from the Upper Geyser basin. There are also some big geysers along the way… Spasmodic Geyser, Grand Geyser, and Grotto Geyser. The latter was pretty amazing as there was a hole in the side of the cone, through which you could see the water whirling and splashing around.

Grotto Geyser

Truly an amazing place to visit, and highly recommended! 🙂


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