American Road Trip

One of the main reasons we chose to do this holiday was the Road Trip element. There’s nothing like a classic American Road Trip.


We saw plenty of cute little towns and gorgeous country houses complete with wooden clapboard decking and fall leaves. 



We also enjoyed classic American food as well – some lovely BBQ and smokehouses, some classic chains like TGI and Dennys, as well as some improvised Walmart picnics in our hotel room watching TV 🙂

The worst thing about this road trip was the amount of times we saw the sign for “Caution, Deer!” (or, even Caution, Moose!). This really worried me as every so often (albeit rarely) you could see a massive stain of blood on the road (like 1 metre by 3 feet) and I guessed that meant someone had hit a deer. We also saw a deer corpse at the side of the road, and even live deer grazing on the grass verge beside the road. This terrified me – they were only feet away and they could easily dart into the road, especially at night. I dread to think what would happen if you hit one – probably depends on speed etc, but I would imagine it would be likely to go through the windscreen of a car. Unfortunately this put paid to me relaxing at the wheel, especially on smaller roads or at night.

But apart from this, it was lovely to feel free on the open road, with no pressures – stopping off at waterfalls or lakes, vineyards or pretty towns as we wished. As with life, some places failed to live up to expectations, and others vastly surpassed them and delighted us.road-with-yellow-leaves


We also visited copious Walmarts and vast shopping malls – such as the mammoth “Destiny USA” shopping mall in Syracuse. My BF was keen to visit as they had a Microsoft shop where he could try out the VR headset. We don’t have Microsoft shops in the UK so he was eager to try it out and planned it out in advance 🙂

One more happy Road Trip customer 🙂

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