The Travel Photos that I’m Most Proud Of

My photos are mixed – there are some floor shots, while i’m working out how to use a camera, and some in the dark while I haven’t managed to put flash on.  But sometimes the stars align and my photos come out well and I’m proud of them! So here is a showcase of some of the photos I like best (this is subjective – you might think they’re rubbish! 🙂 )

Above: Jellyfish on the beach at Boca Raton, Florida. I like how the sky is so dark and foreboding.

Above: On the road to Monument Valley, USA. I like how the yellow of the sign and the road contrast with the blue of the sky.

Above: Pelicans in Islamora, Florida Keys, USA. I love that I inadvertently managed to get the flying Pelican’s face in focus, and the Pelican below him is watching him. So cute! I also love the azure blue of the water.

Above: The bench at Park Guell, Barcelona, Spain. This showcases the Gaudi architecture and I like the fact that you can see the Gaudi bench in the foreground, the Gaudi building in the mid-ground, and then views over Barcelona to the sea. I also like the colours.

Above: Lifeguard tower, Miami, Florida, USA. I like the colours and the nautical stripes. This is a fairly classic composition so nothing groundbreaking, but I like its simplicity.

Above: men engrossed in a board game (drafts?) in Hanoi, with a lady wearing a conical hat, so popular in Vietnam, carries vegetables. The lighting isn’t great but I like it.

And some of my less successful shots for your amusement and pity:  🙂

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