Two Hours in Amsterdam

We stopped in Amsterdam for a 5 hour layover en route back home from Montreal. Amsterdam City Centre is easily and quickly accessible from Schipol Airport, so we were able to hop on a train for a whirlwind visit to Amsterdam!


We had already been on holiday to Amsterdam many years ago, so there was no pressure to sight-see (just as well as we only had a couple of hours!) and we were able to wander aimlessly around, just taking it all in.


We wandered down the main street and over to the red light district, peering into cafes and shop windows. It was early so the streets were still very quiet. Most of the red light district was closed apart from two windows still inhabited by very keen ladies.



My BF treated himself to a freshly made waffle with nutella – a luxury!


It started to rain and by this time, I was getting tired (we had just got off a long haul flight, after all!) and it was a little cold, so we decided to head back to the airport. Best to keep it short and sweet, I think! It had been a lovely layover and much better than sitting in the airport for 5 hours! 🙂

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Have you been here? Or is it on your "Bucket List"?

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