Picnicking in the Peak District

One weekend we headed to the peak District to meet friends, have some walks and some good food.

The Peak District is a National Park between Manchester and Sheffield and is perfect walking country, with plenty of public footpaths wending over hills, and past rivers and lakes a plenty.

If you want to get away from it all and have a weekend in the country, this is an ideal place to come. It’s also great for kids as they can run round and tire themselves out without the worry of cars etc.

We had a walk by Ladybower Reservoir and had a lovely picnic by Derwent Dam. During WW2 this reservoir was used by British pilots to practise flying low over water, in readiness for the “Dambusters” operations.

There is also a visitor centre not far from Derwent Dam, with toilets, a water fountain, and a small shop selling ice creams, drinks and sandwiches/paninis. See if you can spot the lovely wood-carvings in the woods – we spotted a train, a hedgehog, and a mole!

This is a lovely area of the world, and was very popular with cyclists and hikers. It’s also not far from Sheffield, if being in the country makes you nervous! 🙂

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