I’ve only just Bergen

Actually this was the last stop on our cruise, but the title works, no? Gotta love a pun! 🙂 Bergen is Norway’s second-biggest city, and we were keen to explore!

In Bergen it rains 260 days out of 365, so we were very grateful to have a clear sunny day. Not wanting to take anything for granted, we made a beeline for the Funicular which takes you to the top of the mountain. This is 90 Krone return (about £8.30) which is a lot for a 5 minute journey, but quite reasonable by Norwegian standards! The view was absolutely wonderful with great visibility across the surrounding bays and islands.

Lots of people were content to sit and watch the world go by at the viewpoint – and why not?!  We explored the top of the mountain which we were pleased to see included a plethora of activities including a cafe, woodland walks, a children’s playground, and a playground (like “Go Ape” but nearer the ground so no harness needed) for bigger kids, which was also free.

Back down to sea-level we got a milkshake each to use up the rest of our Krone (it was very hot!) and explored Gamle Bergen – ie. the old town. This had more cobbled streets and cute clapboard houses with cafes and art galleries.

We also looked round the fish market by the harbour.  I had read beforehand about Norway’s controversial insistence on whaling, despite the International Convention for the Regulation of Whaling banning it. But it still shocked me to see Whale Meat being sold out in the open in Bergen fish market.  This Convention was set up for the conservation of whales, and imposes quotas for catch limits (I think this is zero for commercial whaling, but there are some permits for scientific research or aboriginal subsistence whalers). I think it’s fair to say that this isn’t for scientific research or for aborigines – it is blatant sale of whale meat.

Apart from this, the harbour was very picturesque.

The main shopping square was also pretty and we browsed through here en route back to the ship.

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