Up close and personal with the Millau Viaduct

Millau was also somewhere that I have always wanted to go. The famous Millau viaduct is inspiring and beautiful, but also annoyingly far from everywhere I have ever been! So we made the determined trip there to finally see this wonder.

Having trekked all the way there, we also made the effort to see the bridge from all angles. We approached from the west and travelled underneath the bridge, seeing it at close quarters.

The bridge is designed by British architect Norman Foster who also designed the Gherkin in London. It was designed with a slight curve to it so you can see it while driving across it.

We stayed the night in Millau and enjoyed the views over the town of the bridge.

In the morning we made our pilgrimage to the new visitors centre at the services (aire) at the North East of the bridge.

Here you can walk close up to it for another great angle. The visitors centre was also interesting and free, with a good film (in English and French) and interactive exhibits showing various parts of the construction process. There were also photos of the bridge rising out of low cloud, which looks spectacular.

It was a very hot day and we met a preying mantis on the path! I was taken aback to see one of these in the wild, as i have only ever heard of these in pet shops and the like.

Finally, we drove over the bridge (which does have a fee (peage) ). So overall I think we have successfully experienced and viewed the bridge from all angles 🙂

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Have you been here? Or is it on your "Bucket List"?

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