Is it a bike? Is it a train? …. No it’s a Rail Bike!

We were looking into booking a holiday in South Korea (until politics put paid to those plans!) and when researching we saw a rail bike – we both liked the idea of it. Cycling along on rails is a novel way of sightseeing. So when I noticed a Rail Bike on the map near to Millau and Roquefort, we were there like a shot! My BF was especially excited 🙂

The rail bike (velo rail du Larzac) place has lovely views over the surrounding countryside. There are 3 routes you can choose. We went for the mid-range one which entails an uphill cycle for about 15 minutes, and then 15 minutes back (downhill!). If you are feeling less enthusiastic about physical activity there is a tourist train you can ride.

The Rail Bike place is in the middle of nowhere, so you have to persevere, as it is difficult to believe that a tourist attraction would be found right out in the sticks. On the plus side, you pass through a village called Saint-Eulaile-de-Cenon which is gorgeous and certainly worth a stop after the rail bike for a wander.

Overall we were glad we had tried the rail bike. It is a little expensive (about 16 Euros each) but it is a novelty and a fun way to have a bike ride, and in the prettiest of countryside, a lovely excursion.

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