A Humbling Dumpling Experience: Food in Shanghai

We tried many different foods in Shanghai, but my standout food was dumplings! Either steamed or fried, we were big fans of the humble dumpling.

In a short space of time we became dumpling connoisseurs. We tried steamed dumplings from posh restaurants containing vegetable, prawn and pork respectively, including our fave steamed pork dumplings at Din Tai Fung (just like in Singapore, Macau and Taipei). We also discovered a local joint called Yang’s Dumpling which had a queue out the door and delicious and  inexpensive fried dumplings (above).

We also wanted to try Duck, as somehow we didn’t manage to have any Duck in Beijing (mostly due the fact that all the duck restaurants we saw seemed touristy and expensive). The Duck we had in Shanghai was really nice – however the meat was half lean meat and half duck skin. Personally I am not a fan of any meat other than super lean meat – I won’t eat animal fat, skin, bone, marrow, etc.  So I would have preferred more lean meat and less duck skin! Overall I enjoyed it, but at risk of sounding like a total pleb, I do prefer the duck pancakes we have at Chinese restaurants in the UK.

We also found food courts with a variety of choices, and had a simple Japanese meal of stir fry noodles and okonomiyaki pancakes – different and yummy!

We also had some western food – including pizza hut on the first night we arrived late and just wanted something safe and comforting. Also we didn’t book breakfast in the hotel so we picked up a coffee and croissant from Costa coffee in the morning.

Overall it’s not difficult to find good food in Shanghai. There were a variety of places, from posh restaurants to food courts to street food, and everything we tried was yummy!

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