My Top 5… Best Travel Experiences

Needless to say, I love travel, so it is difficult to pull together my best 5 experiences ever. Here is my best try:

Five:  Driving the open Road on a Road Trip

We have had various awesome road trips (around New Zealand,  France,  Florida,  Utah, Tennessee,  Santorini and Yellowstone) and I love the open road. I love the independence you feel when you’re in a car. We don’t have a car at home, so maybe this is why I love it so much. It feels convenient, safe, and personal, like our little bubble. Driving a road trip has to be one of my top 5 travel experiences ever!

Four:   Hedonism in Las Vegas

Las Vegas is somewhere we keep coming back to, for a reason. It is complete hedonism; somewhere you can kick back and relax, and do whatever you want really! And let me clarify: by hedonism, I don’t mean sex, drugs and rock n roll. Each to their own, but my version of hedonism is more buffets, sunshine, Elvis, and staying up as late as I want! 🙂 Las Vegas is unapologetically bold, brash, and we love it!

Three:   Receiving a gift of a bag of beans by a Man in Kyoto, Japan

This was one of the sweetest things ever. After we visited a cooking display, we went to a nearby temple. When we came out of the temple, a man from the cooking display was waiting for us. He handed us a bag of white beans each, while bowing. We were touched at this sweet gesture.  Also, in Hiroshima, a lady gave us a pack of postcards, despite us not being able to communicate. People were very kind to us, mere strangers, in Japan.

Two:  Seeing the Machu Picchu, Peru

When the clouds parted and I saw the Machu Picchu I was in awe. It was wonderful. I cried at how lucky I was to be there and what a special place it was.

One:  Seeing Whales and Dolphins in the Wild

I have been lucky enough to see Sperm Whales in Kaikoura, New Zealand,  Dolphins in Clearwater, Florida, USA, and Humpback Whales and Killer Whales from Vancouver, Canada. Each and every time I have been so freakin excited! In Honeymoon Island Florida we saw dolphins from the beach and i jumped up and down and screamed! I have been humbled to see them in the wild and determined that we need to keep this planet clean and safe for them to thrive in. The last Whale Watching trip I went on in Vancouver was breathtaking, watching a whale so close to the boat killing a seal. Obv I felt sorry for the seal tho!

So that’s my top 5. It’s difficult to narrow it down and I have loved so many other “pinch-me” moments – hiking a Glacier or a live volcano, eating an amazing curry, snorkelling with fish, climbing the Vatican and so many more. I am so lucky.

And sadly travel isn’t all rosy… see my next blog for some of our worst experiences to date…

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