Our Cheesy Pilgrimage to Camembert, France

The cheese tour continues – we recently visited Roquefort, France to visit the cheese caves due to my devotion to Blue Cheese. So now it was time to visit Camembert, in northern France. I was so excited to be there!!

Camembert is a tiny village with just a few houses, a church, a town hall, and for tourists, a small Camembert Museum and a visitors centre. We visited both, obviously.

After paying for the Museum, if you take your receipt to the Visitors centre they will give you a tasting plate to try different types of Camembert.

And yes I brought the paper plate home with me. It’s probably the most beautiful paper plate I have ever seen!

Despite Camembert being a tiny little hamlet with about 5 houses, there were no less than two electric car charging points!! We were amazed and impressed by France’s commitment to clean energy.

I had wanted to do a factory tour but there isn’t a factory to look round in Camembert so we also planned in a visit to a nearby cheese factory which makes the equally stinky and gorgeous Graindorge Livarot cheese. We were late arriving so had to rush round before they closed, but it was an interesting visit and you can see both exhibits/information first, and then you can see into the factor to watch them making the cheese. Here is some of the finished product awaiting packaging.

And yes we tasted it and it was delicious – very strong and stronger than Camembert, but for me, it was delicious! We bought one so we could try it with bread and cherry tomatoes for a simple dinner.

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