Is this the Most Beautiful Village in France?

When I read about Les Plus Beaux Villages De France (the most beautiful villages of France) I was intrigued. France is pretty beautiful at the best of times, but it seems they have selected the cutest little chocolate-box villages to promote for tourism. We visited Beuvron en Auge in Northern France.

We had to take a real detour to get there through country roads, but were really glad we made it. And to our surprise there were a dozen other tourists there too, but luckily it was still an unspoilt quiet village.

We bought a delicious almond croissant from a local bakery and sat in the sunshine munching it.  It was a lovely stop on our road trip!

Earlier we also stopped into the spectacular Basilique Saint-Therese, in Lisieux. It is a rather imposing structure on a hill so you can’t miss it while driving past Lisiuex.

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