Food in Copenhagen

To be truthful, the danish pastries were the main reason I went to Denmark. I had heard that they were like heaven so I was practically salivating when I arrived in Copenhagen.

We tried several foods in Denmark, including international options (the biggest and one of the best burger I have ever had and a lovely pizza) but the Danish foods we enjoyed were essentially three types:-

Danish Pastries

My favourite food was a Cinnamon and Brown Sugar Snegle. This translates literally as “snail”, to describe the swirl shape. There is nothing like a fresh pastry with a coffee. But do heed our warning – they are not cheap – around 28 DKK (Danish krone) – so around £3.20 each! But the pastries are BIG. You will only need one, or you could even share one if you are not a glutton like me. I understand the Danish only eat these on weekends as a treat, but I think as a tourist it is your obligation to have at least one a day 🙂

Open Sandwiches, or Smorrebrod.

Denmark is also known for open sandwiches. These are mini-works of art as well, and have luxury toppings such as smoked salmon and caviar. Also not cheap, these go for around 70 to 99 DKK (around £8 to £11 each).


As is understandable given the cold climate, a bowl of hot porridge inside you is a great way to start the day. We tried Grod, a well-known porridge restaurant which sells delicious porridge (for example topped with apple, caramel and almonds) and risottos. All warming foods you eat from a bowl. Priced at around between 50DKK (£5.70) for the porridge, to 80 DKK (£8) for the risotto.

We also visited the Torvehallerne, a large food hall with everything from meats and cheeses to pastries and cakes. This was popular with the locals on a Saturday morning.

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