Visiting the home of Broadchurch – West Bay, Dorset

Broadchurch was one of those TV shows I was hooked on. I couldn’t wait to get home to see the next episode, and speculated endlessly about who-dunnit. When I found out it was based in the Westcountry (as Olivia Coleman’s accent suggests), and West Bay in Dorset to be precise, I decided a visit was in order!

West Bay is dominated by large yellow cliffs. The cliffs are part of the Jurassic Coast and there is always a danger of rock-falls. I have seen many stories in the news about tourists who take risks and either stand on the edge of the cliff, or directly underneath it to get the best selfie. The last rockfall saw 1,000 tonnes of rock and debris falling, so you don’t wanna be underneath that!

In the village there is also a quiet harbour so it is a pleasant place for a stroll. I was surprised by how touristy it was for a sleepy Dorset village, but I guess Broadchurch has put it on the map!

There is a long breakwater which you can stroll along to get a good photo of the cliffs and we enjoyed just watching the waves crash.

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