Just a Lille bit!

Lille was our last European holiday before I got too pregnant to travel. I wanted somewhere not too far, and this was the first stop on the Eurostar! A beautiful little taste of France was just what the Doctor ordered.

Lille has a lovely old-town, designed for strolling, as well as beautiful large squares. Perhaps best known is the Grand Place, great for meeting, eating, and home of Furet du Nord, apparently the biggest bookshop in Europe.

Next-door is the very French looking Place du Theatre, home of the opera house and theatre.

We were only in Lille for a short time as we have been before on a whistle-stop visit while on a road trip years ago. But it was amazing how much was new to us. We spent most of our time having lazy mornings, strolling around, and enjoying many lovely meals (mostly eating Flammekueche, a dish similar to pizza from Alsace on the French / German border). We spent the evenings playing pool in our hotel and drinking hot chocolate. It was the perfect lazy babymoon break!

One day we walked down to the Citadel, a star-shaped fortress which is still used by the military, so not somewhere you can explore! There is a brilliant permanent children’s funfair / playground there, and the inexpensive Lille zoo is next door but we were too late to go in. We sat outside under the tall trees by the river for a rest before strolling back to town.

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Have you been here? Or is it on your "Bucket List"?

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