24 Hours in Breathtaking Niagara Falls

No matter how many times you have been to Niagara Falls, it still takes your breath away. As we walked towards the falls, I caught a glimpse of the falls and gasped at its majesty – then I realised that I was looking at the smaller falls – let alone the bigger falls upstream!


I could stand there for hours and watch the thunderous power of the water and the beautiful rainbows that form in the mist. Continue reading

Niagara Falls : Lifejacket, please!!

The next day we traveled to Niagara Falls, via several buses and a plane into Buffalo. We were half asleep, but woke up when we saw the TV at Buffalo airport, bearing the headline “Government is debating giving driving licences to illegal immigrants”. Eh?!

We enjoyed Niagara Falls, and saw the spectacular Falls from pretty much every angle – from both river banks, the observation tower, and theĀ  “Maid of the Mist” boat trip.

The Maid of the Mist takes you right up to the Falls Continue reading