A Taste of the Deep South

We were lucky enough to try various new foods during our travels across Tennessee, Alabama and Louisiana. These are some of the highlights.


In Memphis one night we ate in a smokehouse and I enjoyed BBQ Pulled Pork with fries – yum! The waitress kindly offered that we could try their “Sweet Potatoes” for free. We were expecting a sweet potato, so we were surprised Continue reading


Punched in the Face at Jack Daniels, Tennessee

Jack Daniels Whiskey is made in a distillery in Lynchberg, Tennessee. My BF has seen adverts saying it’s a town with one “stop light” (traffic light). This sounded like a bit of a juxtaposition – the quaint town, home to a massive international brand. We had to go!

LynchbergWe did a bit of a flying visit and took a factory tour (which was free!), followed by a stroll round the village of Lynchberg.

Warning: this tour is very popular so there was quite a bit of waiting beforehand, Continue reading

Rockin’ Around Nashville

After our escapades in the Honky Tonks, there was one more unusual thing we had lined up – visiting a record factory! (As in Record, as in LPs, as in Vinyl). As we rushed to our early morning appointment at the factory, I must mention that was passed a Fraternity House! I have never seen one in real life and kinda assumed they were mythical things from movies- but I saw one!

Fraternity House, NashvilleWe visited United Records on the outskirts of Nashville. Continue reading

Honky Tonking in Nashville

My favourite thing about Nashville by far was the Honky Tonks. I was simply mesmerised by the talent and the music. We arrived early to get a seat, and had a burger and several drinks, staying there all evening.

Roberts Western WorldTo be fair to the other Honky Tonks, we only spent any real time in one – Roberts Western World. We popped our heads into others and they looked good, but Roberts was simply amazing Continue reading

L’amore by the Eiffel Tower in Paris, Tennessee

On a Road Trip through Tennessee, we chose to stop in Paris solely because of the “fun” factor; mostly because it has the same name as, well, Paris, but also in my research I’d found out that they have a replica of the Eiffel Tower. What’s not to like?!  So we stopped for the novelty factor, but I wasn’t expecting to find such a gorgeous little American town in Paris, TN.

Paris, TNBut gorgeous it was. The main square revolved around a brick courthouse building, and several colourful independent shops; cafes, a hardware store, a law practice, a restaurant. I loved it! Continue reading

In the land of Cotton, Tennessee

Driving through Tennessee the fields were white – at first I thought it was snow. It turned out to be cotton. The Land of Cotton sounds like a theme park… I assure you it is not  -it is in fact an Elvis lyric! (10 points if you know what song…?!)

Cotton FieldsMy boyfriend was driving for the first time in America (ie. on the “wrong” side of the road, in an automatic car!). Continue reading

On the Civil Rights Trail in Memphis

One of the main reasons for coming to Memphis was the National Civil Rights Museum. This was the town in which Martin Luther King was shot, and the history of this is palpable, especially as they have preserved the Lorraine Motel in which he was killed.

Lorraine Motel 1The Museum itself walks you through the background to Martin Luther King being assassinated, including the protests that brought him to Memphis that week. Continue reading

Walking in Memphis

When we arrived in central Memphis we headed straight for Beale Street – which probably marks us out as complete tourists. To me it was so American that it looked like a film set!

Beale Street, MemphisIt is mostly bars and restaurants and music blasts out into the street. That night we enjoyed BBQ on Beale Street and watched the street come to life with street performers and bands in bars. Continue reading

Mallards and Music in Memphis

We were fascinated to attend one of Memphis’ interesting attractions. Ducks!  In a Fountain! This sounded rather intriguing so we went along to find out more.

Peabody DucksThe Peabody Hotel is a grand old hotel in downtown Memphis and it has some unusual guests… 5 ducks live in a little duck house on the penthouse floor – at 11am they come down the elevator with their chaperone, and plop into the fountain in the hotel lobby Continue reading

Peace in the Valley at Graceland

Graceland – Home of Elvis Presley. What could be more American?!  I was excited about our visit to Graceland and had been listening to Elvis music in preparation. I had a belly full of tacos and was ready to go!

GracelandWhen you arrive at Graceland you are ushered into a tourist complex with Elvis-themed diners and exhibitions. You have to take a bus across the road and up the hill to the house itself. Continue reading