Seoul Food

Food in Seoul was delicious. It makes me want to still be there, and I wish they’d open up certain chains in the UK so I can eat them all the time!

I should start with the most famous of Korean food: Korean BBQ. This was at once mouthwateringly delicious, bewildering, and hard work. We ordered 2 dishes; beef and mushrooms. We received about 12,000 dishes so it was interesting trying to work out what everything was, but we were pleasantly surprised Continue reading


Travelling across Continents to reach the Kimchi Festival, Seoul

The Kimchi festival wasn’t widely publicised but I stumbled upon it online before we went. A festival? Thousands of people making Kimchi at the same time? We are there! We shifted the holiday forward a couple of days and found flights via Italy so we could get there in time. That’s dedication for you.

So what is Kimchi? Kimchi is cabbage fermented in spices. Normally the spices used are chili, garlic, ginger, onion, fish sauce, salt or similar. After the cabbage is rubbed in spices it is packed away to ferment. Kimchi is made in the autumn to preserve the vegetables as we head into winter. Continue reading

A Humbling Dumpling Experience: Food in Shanghai

We tried many different foods in Shanghai, but my standout food was dumplings! Either steamed or fried, we were big fans of the humble dumpling.

In a short space of time we became dumpling connoisseurs. We tried steamed dumplings from posh restaurants containing vegetable, prawn and pork respectively, including our fave steamed pork dumplings at Din Tai Fung (just like in Singapore, Macau and Taipei). We also discovered a local joint called Yang’s Dumpling which had a queue out the door and delicious and  inexpensive fried dumplings (above). Continue reading

Eating “Poo” out of a Urinal while sitting on a Toilet?! – Food in Taipei

Probably the funniest and most bizarre culinary experience we have had was at the Modern Toilet Restaurant in Taipei. This is, um – UNIQUE – to say the least! A whole restaurant themed around Toilets. The seats were toilets, the plates were like urinals, and all the interior design was themed around toilets.

The meals – all themed around excrement, naturally, included dishes such as Turd Sub Sandwich, and Poop Meatballs. These were advertised outside with a sign saying “Welcome to try our crap!”. Continue reading

Munching in Macau

Hmmm what shall I have for dinner… “His Aging Mother Tofu”? Or “Rape Heart”? Or maybe “Angus Steak to the Naked Eye”? These were just a few of the delicious choices greeting us at a food court in Macau.

I was surprised by the food in Macau. As the casino chains are the same as in America, I had expected to find some western chains. Continue reading

Food In Singapore (and how I got stabbed in the mouth)

Eating in Singapore was easy. There was a plethora of choice so we were able to find a good variety, while not getting ill or going crazy with spice levels etc.

That said, it was not without its challenges. The plan was to get something fairly bland on the first night to ease ourselves (and our tummys) into the new culture. We ended up with a “hot pot” which was probably the most spicy thing on earth. Continue reading