Riding the coastal road in Athens

I spent my birthday in Athens, and we decided to head to Pireas. This is the major port of Athens, where all the cruise ships dock (and apparently where you can buy an I-pad from a dude holding them up to the passing tourist buses!).Beach

On the other side of Pireas, there is a large marina full of super-yachts. We enjoyed a simple birthday lunch of kebabs and coke overlooking the harbour Continue reading


Don’t come a cropper at the Acropolis!

The Acropolis stands over the city of Athens and can be seen from most places in the city.  We ignored advice to get there early before the crowds, and instead went late afternoon. This was a gamble but luckily it paid off; the crowds had been and gone and we had the place to ourselves.

ParthenonIt was beautiful up there with great views over the city. The Parthenon itself was majestic but unfortunately covered in scaffolding and so forth due to the ongoing reconstruction. Continue reading

Falling for Stray dogs in Athens

As anyone who knows me will tell you, I’m not the biggest dog lover (blame an incident where me and my sister were chased by a vicious dog as kids and she was bitten 😦  )  So at first I was really scared of the stray dogs in Athens. They are everywhere; trotting around the squares and reclining on the pavements.

Monastiraki Square

I wondered how they survived, but I watched the locals feeding them, petting them, greeting them. They are effectively everyone’s pet; affection without any responsibility. Continue reading