Food in Thailand, and Rats Falling from the Ceiling!!

It is difficult for me to write a blog about Thai Food, because as soon as I discovered Massaman Curry that was pretty much all I ate. So it is a wonder that the below photos aren’t just a repeat of the same curry dish 9 times over ūüėČ

Before I discovered Massaman, Green Thai Curry was my jam. (I mean it was my fave, not that I used it as a breakfast conserve on toast. That would be weird). Continue reading


Animals at Chatachuk Weekend Market

The Chatuchuk Weekend Market is an assault on the senses. It sells everything from T-shirts to crockery;  jewellery to pets.

Chatachuk 1

The market is in north of Bangkok, and is held on weekends. Apparently it covers almost 30 acres, which gives you an idea of how vast this market really is. Continue reading

Bangkok; Keep your elbows in on the Tuk Tuks!

After visiting the beautiful temples in Bangkok, of course we had to visit the Kao San Road – this is apparently described in The Beach as “the centre of the backpacking universe” or something like that.

Ko San Road

The Kao San road is aimed at the backpacker market, with hostels, street food, and souvenir stalls mostly selling T-shirts advertising local beer brands (yes of course I got one, I am a cliche!). Continue reading