The Travel Photos that I’m Most Proud Of

My photos are mixed – there are some floor shots, while i’m working out how to use a camera, and some in the dark while I haven’t managed to put flash on.  But sometimes the stars align and my photos come out well and I’m proud of them! So here is a showcase of some of the photos I like best (this is subjective – you might think they’re rubbish! 🙂 )

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A Misty Monastery at Monserrat… (and how to get there!)

There is a Montserrat and a Monserrat. The one with a “t” is the volcanic Island in the Pacific. This one is on Eastern Spain, about an hour from Barcelona. We decided to see this as a day-trip, since there is a Monastery and some striking rock formations.

Unfortunately we timed it wrong with the weather – although it was nice in Barcelona, the further inland we got the worse the weather was. By the time we got up the mountain it was terrible, veering between torrential rain and rolling cloud. Visibility was a few metres, so any potential views were obliterated.

The above photo is taken on one of the walks. There should have been panoramic views to the left, but instead it was a rather miserable hike for an hour, soaked to the skin. My boyfriend was delighted by this outdoor adventure. I was less so. Continue reading

Barcelona – a Gangster’s Paradise?

I was rather anxious before visiting Barcelona. It seemed that whenever I told my friends that we were going there, they would respond by saying that either they had been mugged in Barcelona, or their friends had been mugged in Barcelona. This isn’t the case for any other city I have visited, so I was apprehensive to say the least. My boyfriend’s sister and her husband were mugged… by children (!!) in Barcelona and had around 200 Euros taken.

Torre Agbar, BarcelonaI decided to research the scams online. I won’t repeat them all here, as you can find comprehensive coverage online by googling “Barcelona scams” or similar. Upon reading the forums I found that the scammers used the same scams over and over again, and therefore there are around 10 common scams. I found that knowing these scams helped – so if someone tried anything I would be able to say “ahh, the classic bird-poo scam. Textbook” Continue reading