Delicious Food (and Duck Blood) in Beijing

I wasn’t prepared for the food on menus in Beijing. Sauteed bullfrogs legs. Braised duck blood with pork intestines. It does sounds suspiciously like something out of Macbeth (“Eye of newt, and toe of frog, Wool of bat, and tongue of dog”).

Starfish etcSome of the street food looked so intimidating I’d be scared to touch it – like starfish, scorpions, a bat, and something with spikes. The scorpions were still alive and wriggling, despite being impaled on a skewer. Continue reading


How to get to the Great Wall of China on the Public Bus

I realise that this is a very niche blog post. If you’re not going there, don’t read it. But if you are, it could change your life (well, it could make your day a lot better anyway).

We attempted to get a public bus from Beijing to the Great Wall of China and I found it difficult to find information on this topic from guidebooks or tourist information. The internet was the best source. We managed it, but as I described in my last blog, it was a total nightmare.  So here are my tips, in case you want to attempt it:- Continue reading

Filmstars at the Great Wall of China

Ahhh the Great Wall of China. You probably think of how it can be seen from space. I think of queue jumping in epic proportions. Humph. The day started well. In fact it was all quite funny – just before we climbed onto The Wall, a Chinese girl came up and asked to have a photo with me and my boyfriend. Of course we happily obliged. Then another person wanted a photo with us. Then a queue started to form….  We were happy to do photos at first, but after a while I realised we weren’t actually going to see the wall but would spend all day being an “alternative” tourist attraction next to the Great Wall. (And if you’re wondering why anyone would want photos with me and my BF… well, quite!)

Great Wall of China - BadalingAfter we extracted ourselves from that situation, I waited for my BF as he popped to the toilet. While I waited, a lady tried to sell me something. I politely said no. She offered me something else. I said no. Continue reading

Beijing: Old, New and Olympic

Beijing was truly a mixture of the traditional, the modern, and the strange. From the beautiful old architecture of the forbidden city to the sleek glass shopping centres. It also had a tinge of the strange – scorpions to eat but no access to Facebook. A topsy-turvy world as we know it (although some would say that eating scorpions is preferable to being on FB 😉 ).

Tiananmen Square, BeijingOur first port of call was Tiananmen Square. You can’t help but be somber here, remembering the history of the place. In 1989 (which is not very long ago – I was alive then!) there was a student protest in the Square on 4 June. Continue reading