Sailing from Europe to Asia on the Bosphorus

I was advised by a colleague that a cruise down the Bosphorus River was an essential on any trip to Istanbul, so we took his advice.

SultanahmetThe Bosphorus River goes through Istanbul, cutting the city in half. Rather fascinatingly, it also provides the border between the continents of Europe and Asia. Continue reading


Bratislava and the mysterious case of the spaceship bridge

We took a boat from Vienna, along the River Danube to Bratislava, in Slovakia. The boat really took off like a rocket, leaving a huge wave in its wake. As we moved into Slovakia we saw churches and castles on the cliffs above us. The journey only took around an hour and it was a beautiful way to travel to Bratislava.

Finally, we were greeted by the huge spacecraft bridge that signals arrival into Bratislava. We later paid this structure a visit Continue reading