Nazca – sick, homesick and flying in a Cessna

Nazca was hot. There was no air con, so we went to a supermarket to stand by a fridge. The locals gave us odd looks. We obviously made quite an impression though – one of the locals commented “The English speak very good English”. You would hope so.

We liked Nazca- a small town which was much less touristy than Cusco. We stumbled upon a few celebrations going on in the town – one with small children doing cute dancing while dressed in traditional costumes, and another one a dance show in the town square. We also went to a gold panning place where they pan for gold, unsurprisingly. They were not shy about asking for a tip, which I guess is another way of panning for gold 😉

We were glad that we were staying in Nazca a few days- I was ill so it was good to rest and recuperate. The hotel we stayed at also had a TV and we watched Love Actually, which wasn’t necessarily a good thing – when you’re miles from home, feeling ill, watching Christmassy English films just makes you homesick! When we arrived there was internet access, so at least we were able to e-mail home. Unfortunately a few days later the internet to the whole town was down – apparently because someone had stolen the copper from the wires!

The main reason we came to Nazca was for the Nazca Lines. Continue reading