Backyard Axe Throwing in Ottawa

To be honest, the reason we went to Ottawa was that we were in the vicinity and it was the capital so it was almost obligatory to pay a quick visit. And I’m so thankful that we did as it turned out to be my favourite of the 3 Canadian cities we visited this holiday. It was just lovely.


We started our trip by visiting an axe throwing place – something my BF set up. The man who runs this was really lovely, and had a genuine love for his sport Continue reading


Pros, Cons, and Scams in Marrakesh, Morocco

I really wanted to like Morocco, and I thought I would. But it is difficult to write this in a balanced way as sadly my experience was tainted – I was robbed which really traumatised me. It is difficult to separate the two in my mind, but this blog is about my experience of Marrakesh before our holiday went wrong. Next week I’ll write about the robbery and aftermath.


Let me start by writing about the positives about Marrakesh

I was amazed at how we can get a medium-haul flight from the UK (it’s not much further than some parts of Europe) and reach such an exotic, different destination. Continue reading

Exploring on Electric Bikes in Vancouver

We arrived in Vancouver late at night, dishevelled and fed up after a over 24 hours of travelling. When we left the hotel bright and early the next morning, it was like a new dawn. We had a brunch of Eggs Benedict, and then wandered into the centre of Vancouver.


The centre of Vancouver hinges on Granville Street and Robson Street which both had a mixture of chain shops, independent shops, and department stores. We enjoyed watching a street performer Jackie Chan Chan, who was pretty funny and chose my BF to join in with his act as the “strong man”. Continue reading

“How much?!” : Reflections on Switzerland

To state the obvious, Switzerland is beautiful. Everything is chocolate box cute. The grass is so green; the mountains stunning and scenic. The cities are in equal part architecturally beautiful, and achingly hip (in Zurich’s case – who knew?!).View from train 2

But it comes at a price. Switzerland is Freakin Expensive!!! A meal for two in a middle of the road Mexican restaurant (I mean it was nice but not posh, not that it was in a central reservation 😉 ) in Zurich was 77 CHF (around £50). Continue reading

Hip Hop Happening Zurich

Zurich is in equal part classic architecture and trendy hip new Zurich. I bet that’s the only time a sentence has started and finished with “Zurich” 🙂 We spent a day exploring “Old Zurich” which has wide tree-lined boulevards and small cobbled alleyways crammed with restaurants.

Zurich 4

We overlooked the fact that Zurich is an international centre for banking, but this was not difficult to do. Far from the glassy business-centred place we expected, Zurich was warm and interesting. Continue reading

One Sunny Saturday in Bern

Our visit to Bern, Switzerland was a flying one. We were going on the train from Zermatt to Zurich, so we decided to stop in Bern for about 4 hours, with assurances from friends that we would be able to cover most of the centre in that time.

Bern 4

Bern is actually the capital of Switzerland (although it feels smaller than both Geneva and Zurich) so we were fascinated to get a small taste of this town. As we were stopping off on our train journey, we had our luggage with us and it was a hot day… but we have fabulous backpacks which are quite comfortable so it wasn’t too bad. We made our way down the main street from the train station to the river. Continue reading

Steep Slopes and Steep Prices in Zermatt

Zermatt is very plush. It feels like the Ritz of the Alps. There are some really posh hotels, horse-drawn carriages and very expensive restaurants! There are also some really quaint parts of the town, with cobbled streets and old wooden chalets and huts. The imposing Matterhorn watches over Zermatt and can be seen from most places in the town.


Zermatt is car free, and picture postcard perfect. Unsurprisingly then, there are lots of coachloads arriving every day. Continue reading

Brig it On! Switzerland

We weren’t planning to go to Brig, but to be truthful, there wasn’t much to do in Fiesch and we had obviously failed to see the glacier 🙂 so we decided to go to Brig for a little day-trip and have a look round.

Brig 4

The guidebook said Brig was a pleasant place worth spending a little time in, and I would agree! We enjoyed strolling round the cobbled streets, admiring the brightly painted buildings. Continue reading

Ice Skating in Kaunas, Lithuania

Our trip to Lithuania was quite spontaneous as a result of finding cheap flights. So one dark night we found ourselves landing in Kaunas in the icy cold.

Town Hall Square

In the morning we were delighted to find fresh snow and a bright day. We were all bundled up in jumpers, ski coats, several hoods, hats, gloves. This is serious winter – Kaunas is on roughly the same latitude as Moscow, which gives you an idea of how far north it is. Continue reading

A Spritz of Spanish Sunshine in Malaga

I’ve never been on a “Winter Sun” holiday before. We normally go for “Winter Snow” holidays, more commonly known as Skiing holidays. But after a series of disasters in the skiing department (here, here, and here) I went on strike and point blank refused to go skiing. So we had a cheeky break in the South of Spain instead.


My preconceptions of Malaga were mainly as a typical “Costa Del Sol” town, all “Brits abroad”, which was not what we wanted. Each to their own, but for us, we don’t go abroad to visit an English pub – we can do that at home! So I was delighted to find that Malaga wasn’t at all like my preconceptions, but was in fact a small but perfectly formed Spanish town. It was a gem. Continue reading